Fee Policy: Tradespeople

  1. There shall be no fee to register as a Tradesperson.
  2. There shall be no fees for referral of bookings to a Tradesperson.

Engagement of Tradespersons

  1. Customers may engage a Tradesperson in the following ways:
    1. By directly booking a Tradesperson through the Site. The booking will show as a tentative booking for the Tradesperson who can either accept or reject the booking. In accepting a booking the Tradesperson will be required to provide an estimate of the value of the job; and
    2. by posting details of the job on the Site and calling for one or more Tradespersons to submit quotes for the job. Tradespersons may then:
      1. submit a quote; or
      2. indicate they wish to inspect the job before submitting a quote, in which case they shall book a call out which may either be accepted or rejected by the Customer.
  2. When
    1. a Tradesperson accepts a booking referred to in clause 3(a) above; or
    2. a Tradesperson’s quote or call out is accepted by a Customer as referred to in clause 3(b) above,
    TradiePoint will forward to the Tradesperson the full details of the Customer including their name, address and contact details.

Completion of the Job

  1. Upon completion of the Job, the Tradesperson shall advise TradiePoint:
    1. that the job has been completed.