Privacy Policy

The website and websites on the domain ("the Site") is owned and operated by TradiePoint Pty Ltd (ACN 147 672 504) ("TradiePoint").

TradiePoint committed to protecting the privacy of your personal information. This Privacy Policy details what TradiePoint might do with personal information about you which TradiePoint may obtain when you seek to access and use the website. From time to time, TradiePoint may give you notice of information practices specific to particular services when you request the service. These notices may override this policy.

Information TradiePoint obtains

Personal Information collected by TradiePoint includes your name, telephone numbers, address, email address, skill set and occupation (Personal Information). TradiePoint collects this information from you when you provide these details to TradiePoint, whether by visiting our website, via SMS or any other form of communication.

Any Personal Information collected by TradiePoint is stored by TradiePoint and is available to TradiePoint’s personnel, agents and contractors, and any related businesses or corporations of TradiePoint (Related Bodies).

TradiePoint may also obtain information by cookies when you visit the website. A cookie is a small amount of information which is transferred to the hard drive of your computer which can identify your web browser but not you. If you want to, you can disable your web browser from accepting cookies. If you do, you can still access the TradiePoint websites, but not all services may be available.

Why TradiePoint collects information

TradiePoint collects information in order to:

By giving TradiePoint information, you consent to these uses, although in the case of receiving marketing material you may opt-out.

TradiePoint will use and disclose Personal Information about you only as part of the TradiePoint service by:

  1. if you are a person who wishes to provide tradesperson services, by providing those details to persons who have requested information about you or your services as part of the TradiePoint services;
  2. if you are a person who wishes to be provided with services from a tradesperson, providing those details to the tradesperson. TradiePoint may also disclose this information to its agents, contractors or other service providers (including professional advisers), so they can assist in performing some of the functions outlined above

TradiePoint may also disclose Personal Information about you to:

  1. its legal advisors;
  2. government and other regulatory bodies where required to do so by law; and
  3. where otherwise required to do so by law.

Security and confidentiality

TradiePoint has implemented procedures and installed equipment to safeguard the security and confidentiality of your information. TradiePoint continually review these arrangements to ensure it is doing all that is reasonably and technically feasible at the time to protect your information, although because of the nature of the internet, TradiePoint cannot guarantee that it is totally protected from hackers or misuse.


If you believe any information TradiePoint has obtained concerns you as an individual, you may ask for access to this information and, if TradiePoint is reasonably able to do so, TradiePoint will give you this access. If you want to access this information, please send your request to TradiePoint by email at If you believe TradiePoint’s information about you as an individual is inaccurate or out-dated or is misleading because it is incomplete and you wish to change this information, please send your request to TradiePoint will then amend the information as you request, or give you reasons why TradiePoint has not amended the information.